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The formulation and design of your space is the key to a successful Event. At every Event, any time and in any place you choose, Zazoo Event Rentals will help you "setup" your own scenery. Zazoo Event Rentals is a company specialized in equipment rental for events. Our Philosophy consists of three main values quality-service-innovation. Our aim is to support every professional in organising indoor and outdoor corporate and personal events. Our goal is to create new opportunities in Event planning offering innovative, smart, functional and economic solutions. Our furniture is functional and stylish, in modern design that stands out in every Event. The equipment of Zazoo Event Rentals supports and highlights any idea of yours, such as a relaxed Beach Party or an important Corporate Event, at your personal space, in a museum or a warehouse. The people of Zazoo Event Rentals create a unique Event with professionalism and knowledge, supporting your ideas with continuous renewal of proposals, ideas and solutions.

Core values:
• Integrity and high ethics in all business matters.
• Professionalism in all company actions.
• Fair treatment and dealing with all/any kind of clients.
• 24/7 Availability.
• Constant improvement and change.

Ethics & the environment:
We are all concerned for our environment and how our actions affect it. In today’s modern world, making an event means much more than just caring for design and satisfaction. At Zazoo we are inspired and motivated to create and deliver eco friendly furniture and elements that will care and respect our planet. Throughout the company’s history, we have made every effort and endeavour to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. We also continuously develop and explore new energy saving production techniques.  At Zazoo we transport all our products through modern and efficient logistics channels moving large stock volumes at a time. All of this will contribute to the preservation of our planet not only for our children, but for generations to come.

Please contact us with any questions, requests or ideas you have for your great Events.